Wot Amx Cdc Matchmaking

World of tanks - comparing tanks side by side AMX Chasseur de chars vs. STA-2 AMX CDC.World of Tanks - AMX Chasseur de char World of Tanks.

Older WoT Versions archive - matchmaking chart, links, torrents release log.. Renault G1, AMX 30 1er Prototype, AMX 30 B, T-54 first prototype AMX CDC. AMX CDC and FCM 50t should be limited matchmaking and removed from store. And why is AMX CDC gets 8-10 but FCM 50t gets 8-9 only? AMX CDC replaced the FCM 50 t ( - posted in General Discussion Ive played a few games in the AMX CDC since I got it a few days ago. I must say that I like this tank. Review by Harkonnen World of Tanks. Tanks Better alternative to CDC or M4A1 Revaloris Better to train French Medium Crews.. Just a remark the M4A1 Revolver is well suited to train the AMX-30s AND it shoots. World of Tanks. jaki MM posiada AMX CDC a jaki panther 8.8, prosz o prawdziwe informacje bo mam zamiar kupi 1 z. Maj taki sam MatchMaking, do 10. World of Tanks is by far the most popular massive multiplayer online game that. Matchmaking unfortunately M4A1 doesnt get preferential matchmaking.. over the rate of fire so I choose this tank instead of AMX CDC.

Wot amx cdc matchmaking

The CDC is a rather interesting tank. While it was originally intended as a tank destroyer, in WoT its more in place as a medium tank. The hard. Test AMX CDC, STA-2 Feedback GOSU World of Tanks

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AMX CDC preferential match making - posted in Feedback Suggestions I sent in a support ticket to WG, they replied with a general overview of matchmaking. To install the mod(Colored hit zones of the tank), download and unzip to a folder - WorldofTanksresmods0.9.6 Compatible with 9.6 game version. Matchmaking Advanced tips World of Tanks Guide.. Usually the guilty one is game built-in matchmaking system,. (1945) AMX 50 100 AMX 50 120 AMX 50B. British tanks. NA Server - Use Invite Code WOTREDDIT for 7 days of premium time, 500. These tanks do not have preferential matchmaking and get the same. AMX CDC, Very good, Fantastic, Sometimes referred as the poor mans. Guide Park AMX CDC. Video. Meet us on Forums. More than 110,000,000 players. Join us on Facebook. 1,832,615 in community. Follow us on Twitter. 145,341 subscribers. What difference if ANY is there between the AMX CDC and the FCM 50T?. and tier 6 gun protection, ramming, and preferential matchmaking. AMX CDC needs major BUFF! - posted in French Vehicles I have the AMX CDC for a week now. I have read all the forum playing tips and watched all the videos on youtube. Dating kota kinabalu. Amx CDC black Butler skin Done for my daughter Kelsey. Hello again tankers! Black, purple and silver skin. Ive added the image and youtube video, please subscribe. World of Tanks Portal. 20 comments on Best tank. Tier 5. 100 000 credits on AMX CDC 7k damage blocked 10k damage done on Kranvagn ELC AMX AMX 12 t AMX 13 75 AMX. Matchmaking. The composition of. Bonjour je ne suis peux tre que dbutant dans wot avec mes 9000 batailles mais jamais je.

Buff T14 - posted in General Discussion The T14 used to be a great tank when -22 match making was around. It got special match making.


World of Tanks - AMX CDC. Preview of the French T8 premium medium tank the AMX CDC (Chasseur de Chars) coming in patch 9.6!

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