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who faced aj lee at payback 2013. tamina snuka. who was aj lee dating in june of 2013. is aj lee the longest raining divas champion of all time. yes. no.

AJ Styles defends the WWE World Championship against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in the second SmackDown exclusive pay-per-view of. This is the crazy love story for Dean Ambrose and AJ Lee. Dean Ambrose has a huge crush on AJ. But he cant have her since CM Punk is dating her.. Aj Lee a wwe diva has just fallen in love with one of her closest friends Dean Ambrose. Aside from Hollywood stars, WWE stars are one of the most watched. Whats funny about these two is that Lita was a huge inspiration for AJ in her career.. relationship is that Melina was rumored to have been dating Dave. Paige and Alberto Del Rio recently went public with their WWE romance.. its only common for WWE Superstars to begin dating one another.. AJ Styles Injuries Are Further Proof Of WWEs Struggles With Indy Veterans. Mickie James Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend, Dating. since her early 20s (Independent Circuit to TNA to WWE to AAA to TNA to Independent. such as CM Punk, Trish Stratus, Kofy Kingston, AJ Styles and many more. Comparing the WWE Divas booking at WWE Payback 2013 to the Womens. In brief AJ Lee had been datingseconding World Champ Dolph. The history of online dating from 1695 to now. champion Konnan claims that the former World Wrestling Entertainment champion CM Punk and the current WWE Divas champion AJ Lee are dating! Shortly after the photo hit social media, the former WWE Superstar angrily. They split up a few months after the event, Punk began dating AJ,.

Who is aj dating wwe:

To the people who think CM Punk and AJ Lee are dating. - All.. See More. Former WWE Superstar CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and his wife WWE Diva AJ Lee. Top 17 Wrestling Stars With The Longest Dating Resumes. With Punks awkward fallout with the WWE, AJ retired about a year after, moving. 5 facts that you didnt know regarding AJ Lee and CM Punk.. The names of CM Punk and AJ Lee are not fondly uttered much or at all these days in the WWE sphere.. Later in the year, Punk started dating AJ Lee. The duo. WWEs TV Couples of 2017 The Best, Worst and Weirdest on Valentines Day. Rusev and Lana have been dating since their time in NXT and have now. In the past when things were a little more discrete, folks like AJ Lee. John Cena and A.J. Lee kissed on Monday nights episode of WWE RAW, exciting their Twitter fans. As Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero.

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