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An area for otakus to create fan clubs or clans related to specific topics. Discussions 27. Sub-Forums 1. Otaku Ryokan.

About Overview Blog Coverage Help Terms Tour Content Search People Newest Users Articles Forum Top Free otaku dating games Hellsing Ultimate Trigun Soul Eater Howls Moving Castle FMA Classes. Contests. Forums. Answers. Teachers. now you are done now you can be the best otaku ever but not without your otaku certificate file provided just write name date and sign frame it hang it. Dont be the so-called otaku, Leung told Tong, who previously. on Golden Forum, a popular online portal among local youngsters, after he. Offtopic Galgi kreisi.. Art Bildes, zmjumi, scani.

Otaku dating forum!

The real otakus Ive met-- real, mind, and not otaku wannabes (aka, the Ive only heard of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, FMA, Death Note, and InuYasha type). Maiotaku is your website for meeting single anime fans, otaku, getting connected, finding love, making free otaku dating site friends, and more.Maiotaku forums. Home Forums Thriller Bark. Otaku Square. This is where you can show off your anime and manga collectible items, it can be figures, manga volumes, anime dvds, plushies anything! Title Start Date. Terry sneaks into the girls locker room opening one of the girls locker pulling out panties and a book. He leans over and reads the dairy. Forum Boredom (SFW) Forum games, image dumps, random stuff. Do spam! Otakus Dream Anime Mix 11 Never die

All Anime Manga Characters People News Featured Articles Forum Clubs Users. Otakus and weeaboos are equally disgusting. Otaku is an insult in Japan.

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