Can I Hook Up My Gamecube To My Mac

Jun 24, 2012 - 8 min - Uploaded by charlzahk(Watch in HD) This is a mac tutorial explaining how to use dolphin emulator, and how to install. Screenshot of Zelda Wind Waker on a Nintendo GameCube console. Since my MacBook Pro is fairly new, I figured that I could play Wii games. FAQ to make sure that your computer and setup is compatible with Dolphin.

my Mac, and I want to connect my Gamecube controller to it so I can. it if somebody could tell me how to set that up or put a download link. It works perfectly on my tiBook with Snes9x and other emulators.. they have one extra wire. they can be easily cutsoldered to a regular usb cable, but. section on each side, its just asking to be made into a 2 player setup. It allows you to connect up to four GameCube Controllers or four Wavebird controllers to the Nintendo Wii U System. So, you can invite your pals to join in your. It worked as simply as you can imagine - plug GameCube into adapter, plug adapter. A moderate monitor for my macbooks Mini DisplayPort?

so my question, can i hook up a gamecube to either my computer or my monitor? and if so can i do it in such a way that i dont constantly have. Hi, I am trying to connect my GameCube to my modern tv. I cant find any av to hdmi adapters, so I was wondering if getting a av to vga adapter,.

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