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Machine ID, Dating Registration. Page. Help deciphering frame numbers.. Just a reminder to anyone wanting to attend the 2017 BSA.

Engine. Rigid Frame. CC. B.S.A. Model. Year. Prefix. From. Prefix. From. 3.5 H.P. 2 speed. 1912. 5530. 5351. 500. 4.25 H.P. 3 speed. 1912. 5530. 5351. 550. BSA Singles Restoration Roy Bacon.. dating and colours etc.. BSA Engine and Frame Numbers by Model and Year, Model Charts,. BSA Number Data. VIN s BSA Unit Twins, 1962-65 1962 Eng.Frame 1963 Eng.Frame 1964 Eng.Frame 1965 Eng.Frame A50 The 1954 models carried a new frame number sequence BD2s so are sometimes referred to as D2. was also used on the plunger D3 it is debatable if the D2 designation was in fact used by BSA.. Motorcycle Dating Service BSA Folding paratrooper bicycle dating to WW2.. Viento folding cycle, super-formed aluminum frame, hubless pedal system, hollow main axis, neatly folded. List of BSA motorcycles This list is incomplete. Please help to. Swinging-arm frame with separate rear subframe bolted on D10 Silver Bantam,. Sunbeam numbers do tend to have a legibility problem on curved surfaces,. we can only regret their loss, probably at the time of the BSA groups closure in the seventies.. High-lighting the frame numbers with white is a useful idea. Online dating 40+. BSA Prices, Values and Specs. A. there were several options that will affect the final value such as frame types, transmission ratios,. (dating back to. Triumph parts,spares Stuff Triumph Dating Information. The frame number is stamped on the left side of the frame, on the front engine mounting lug. BSA Unit Singles Archive. This archive contains technical and promotional material published by BSA. More than 3000 pages of BSA unit single information can be. BSA Motorcycles - History, model identification, parts resources,. I have a BSA single cylinder,rigid frame and was wondering how to identify the year.

A closer examination of my acquisition revealed a kink in the frame just below. BSA ROCKET GOLD STAR 1963 646cc BSA Gold Star dating. PLATE FRAME BULK OIL HOSE GASKET SEALER Triumph motorcycle, BSA. in 1969, Triumph started using a 2-letter prefix for frame and engine numbers.

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Frame type, Duplex cradle. Brakes, Drum front rear. Linked front-rear from rear pedal. The BSA S-Series of motorcycles, most commonly known as the BSA Sloper, were a series of. Engine Frame Numbers by Year. Year, Model, Notes, Engine Number, Frame Number, Notes. 1938, 500cc,, JM24 101, JM24 101,. 1939, 500cc,, KM24. ive got a 1968 BSA 650 but i cant figure out the model, theres no vin. Scavenger, my frame is a 57 plunger and no there are no numbers. For WM20 BSAs build after that frame number its an estimated year of. We can provide a dating certificate for most BSAs from 1924 up to the very end of. BSA motor cycle dating and specifications. your frame number is a 1955 B31 or B33 swinging arm frame. Your engine number doesnt quite sound correct. I am not too familiar with early Bantam engine and frame numbers, but having had a look at the website Katj suggested it seems that no engine. My 1966 BSA Bantam D7 Super Restoration. Dating your D7. Use the engine and frame number from your D7 and the following table to date its year of manufacture. Technical Info BSA Engine Frame Numbers. B Range - B31 B33, Year, B31 Engine, B33 Engine, Rigid Frame, Spring Frame. 1946, XB31-101, XB31-101. Here at Saddleworth Classic Motorcycles,. which extends even to dating an isolated engine or frame,. All details are confirmed from original BSA factory records.

Engine and frame numbers. Please check engine and frame numbers! Until 1968, BSA used a numbering system with a distinctive prefix for each type of. Hurricane serial numbers and owners E-mails. For example, some of the NH and PH models had V75V frames and TRX engines.. Phil Pick says By BSA despatch records held on microfiche by TR3OC was sent on. Frame no. to be advised. the Triumph TR25W Trophy was basically the BSA B25 Starfire in a new set of clothes.. dating certificate,. Home NEW BIKES 2012-2015 NEW BIKES 20162017 FRAME NUMBER BICYCLE DATING GUIDE HISTORY. BSA frame serial numbers dating. The Frame Numbers are alway stamped. If you find raised numbers, these are casting part numbers. Up until 1968 it is rare for the engine and frame number to.

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